Dr. Edgar Huckert, Germany

I am a professional programmer and an advanced amateur musician.

On my music pages you will find PDFs scores, Midi files and MP3 files for these instrumental settings:


   •  Oboe
   •  Clarinet/Sax.
   •  Bassoon/Fagott
   •  Double Bass
   •  chamber music

Other music related pages:

   •  Instrument picts.
   •  Hear me playing
   •  Music Articles

My interests in classical music concentrate on composers from the "second line" - also called "Kleinmeister" in German - in baroque, classic and romantic period. Don't expect to find the "hits" of classical music on my pages.  

On my programming pages you will find articles and program sources on:


   •  C++,D,Java,PHP
   •  Micro Contr.
   •  PDF,network,DB
   •  Sys. Design
   •  Music Progr.
   •  System Progr.


If you want to contact me: this is my mail address


This is version 2 of my WEB pages. As I had practically no reactions on my german and french pages (but a huge number of downloads) for version 1 of my pages I decided to drop the german and french pages.

Copyright for all images, texts and software on my pages: Dr. E. Huckert