Huckerts MIDI files for double bass

All files offered for download have been sequenced by me. They are meant for training only. If you don't have a MIDI sequencer (see my software HUMidi) to manipulate the voices: in duos I have normally placed the first voice on the left channel and the other voice on the right channel. You can thus eliminate one of the two voices by adjusting your balance (pan) level on the amplifier or mixing console.

I suggest that you use the MIDI files instead of the MP3 files if ever possible. MIDI files can be manipulated (tracks can be eliminated, tempos can be changed etc.). This is not possible to the same degree with MP3 files. Unfortunately many modern operating systems (Android, OS/X) have no longer builtin MIDI players combined with software sysnthesizers - I deplore that.

Please do not redistribute my files on the Internet. If neccesary place a link on them.

An important note: As I respect the copyrights I cannot send you copies of the printed editions. You will find the original scores in good music stores.

More MIDI links

You will find links to more MIDI files for double bass on Bob Gollihur's page. This page contains also links to other useful double bass related topics

My clarinet/saxophone/oboe/bassoon page contains more MIDI files - some of them are variants of the files offered on this page.

My software HUMidi offers advanced MIDI interpretation features like general dynamics (piano, forte etc.), crescendo, ritardando, accelerando, filters etc.


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