Device control

Controlling the Velleman K8055 board

The board offers 8 digital outputs, 5 digital inputs, analog inputsand analog outputs. My short sample program (C++ source) shows how to control this board without using the library contained in the Velleman kit. The Velleman include file k8055d.h is not needed! The console program (runs in a "black windows") needs only the Velleman DLL k8055d.dll. Why this? The reason why I wrote this program is simple. I don't use any of the compilers mentioned in the Velleman docu - I use the Digital Mars compiler instead. The libraries used by this compiler are not compatible with the Microsoft libraries (COFF versus OMG format). The DLLs however can be used by any program that uses the LoadLibrary() - GetProcAddress() methods. It should be compilable with any actual C++ compiler. Instead of linking in the stubs for the functions in the DLL my program gets pointers to these functions at run time. All the rest can be found in the comments in my C++ sample program. An important note: I did not test this with a 64Bit compiler - only 32 Bit!

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