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Remarks on my MIDI files

For educational purposes I have sampled a small number of short pieces for (classical) double bass. As I know that Play Alongs for classical double bass are hard to find (in contrast to the saxophone) I include these midi files here. Please note that these files don't aim at offering superior musical quality: they just offer co-players (second voice or first voice in a duo) or a piano or cembalo accompaniment. Midi files are not sampled like MP3 files! The quality you hear is extremely dependent on the quality of the synthesizer on your soundcard. Btw: some media players add controller events (vibrato) to my Midi files. I found this problem with the media player in the Firefox browser. My Midi files don't contain controller events.

With any good Midi sequencer you can eliminate a voice and create thus a "play-along" version of the files. If you don't like the keys I have choosen (the keys are not alway the original ones) you may also use a sequencer to transpose the MIDI events. The tempos I have selected are generally slower than the tempos to be found in the scores. The normal media players are not sufficient to change the tempos or to transpose the keys: you need a Midi sequencer to do that.

You will find many of the MIDI interpretation functions in my own software HUMidi. You can download this program here (1.5 MB).

The Sources

An important note: As I respect the Copyrights I cannot send you copies of the printed editions. You will find the
original scores in good music stores.

More MIDI links

You will find links to more MIDI files for double bass on
Bob Gollihur's page. This page contains also links to other useful double bass related topics


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