Edgar Huckerts page for saxophone, clarinet, oboe and bassoon

Arrangements for clarinet and saxophone

Some time ago I started to arrange some of the MIDI titles you may have found on double bass page - many files for duo combinations. Normally I use my bass clarinet a a replacement for the violoncello parts. The normal soprano clarinets in Bb or A can also be used in many cases.

In the mean time I have added some rather hard-to-find original pieces (by Cahuzac, Hurlstone, Poulenc, Tailleferre, Krommer etc.) for clarinet (Bb and A) and piano or clarinet and a small group. I have also added some of my dedicated arrangements for clarinet (Bach , Carrara, Schubert). As I am also an occasional oboe player I have started to produce MIDI files for oboe.

Some of the files contain scores in zipped PDF format. You may download the PDF files, unzip them and print the unzipped PDF files. The MIDI files should be used for training only. They should not be considered to give an artistic model. If you need some refinements on the MIDI files please look at my software HUMidi.

Please do not redistribute my PDF files on the internet.

My Clarinets and Saxophones

Bb clarinet Selmer 10S "Marchi"

The Selmer Bb clarinet system "Marchi" built around 1975 is an extended Boehm system with a second register key - you can see that on the barrel. It descends down to Eb - normal clarinets have E as the lowest written note. Note the "articulated G sharp" on this clarinet. In contrast to opinions found on the internet I am very satisfied with this rare and rather complicated clarinet. I use a Meyer 6 medium chamber mouthpiece for Jazz and - among other Vandoren mouthpieces - a Selmer "F" mouthpiece for classic music.

Selmer Bb Klarinette

The following picture shows the second register key on the rear:
Selmer Bb Klarinette

Selmer Bb Klarinette

My five soprano clarinets

From left to right: two A clarinets A.Robert (Paris), B flat clarinet A.Robert (Paris) (note the "articulated G sharp"), B flat clarinet Selmer (Paris) system "Marchi" (going down to E flat, a full Boehm system with a second register key on the barrel), B flat clarinet R.Malerne (Paris)

Fuenf Klarinetten

Bb Bass clarinet Selmer

I use a Vandoren B45 mouthpiece with this very nice clarinet.

Selmer Bass Klarinette

C clarinet

This is the only German system clarinet I own: a clarinet in C made by A.E. Fischer in Bremen Germany. I don't exactly know how hold it is. I guess is was build around 1940.

C Klarinette

Baritone saxophone Selmer Mark VI

Here shown with a Otto Link mouthpiece. I also use a Vandoren V5 plastic mouthpiece with this instrument.

Selmer Bass Klarinette

More clarinet resources

If you are looking for more clarinet resources look at the really fine collection of Midi files and scores by Oliver Seely. The bibliographic references for the pieces on my download page are here.


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