Problems with the design of a MIDI editor

Mixing MIDI files

My MIDI editor HUMidi offers a feature that allows mixing two MIDI files. You may have experienced that this feature does not always produce the expected results.

MIDI ist not the best base to start a mix process. The follwing questions must be answered (this is not a complete list of the problems): Some of theses questions can be answered in a rather brutal way: In fact things are not so simple: instead of not taking are of information like tempo, tonality, measure I prefer to produce first two clean versions of the files - i.e. to wipe out all tempo, measure, tonality information and then to mix the files. As the mixing process can not decide which of these information should dominate I leave it to the user to reintroduce these information into the mix result.

There couldbe a special case when tonality, tempo and measure information could be preserved: when both files are exactly identical in these parameters. HUMidi at the moment has no solution for this special case.

The analogy with mixing "normal" audio files should be noticed: a mxing process for audio files does not take care of tempo, tonality or measure information simply because audio files (WAVE, MP3 etc.) do not have these information.

When you mix MIDI files you may however encounter additional problems:

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